You just might need a songwriter: Find out why

Have u ever listened to a song and couldn’t understand what the artist was saying, got lost in his lyrics or felt bored with his/her story? Well, that’s what happens when an artist with poor writing skills refuses to collaborate with a songwriter to make the most out of their music and satisfy his/her audience. Songwriters although not always in the spot light, play a great role in making the industry boom.

Before we get into why you should contact a songwriter for your project, let’s first of all find out who a songwriter is and what he/she does. 

A songwriter is a professional who writes lyrics or composes musical compositions for songs. Sometimes, due to the demand of hit songs in the industry, song writing can be done in pairs. One could be good with writing words/lyrics for the song(lyricist) while the other produces original melodies.

You might be a good artist with a lot of potential, got the vocals, but still to make a major breakthrough cuz your audience doesn’t feel your songs. You lack or haven’t built that ability to tell a story chronologically and in a captivating fashion. True you might have a couple of great songs, you might have even started to become popular. But once you find yourself starting to sound monotonous, this is when a songwriter would probably come in handy.

Now just imagine you with the vocals you got, flow, style, delivery etc, telling an interesting story with some awesome melodies. That’s like icing on the cake, isn’t it? A good song writer could make that happen for you, give you a sound unique to you. Imagine how it would feel to be the first to put something out and let the others copy. Amazing, right? An amazing lyrical content with great melodies could place you on platforms you probably didn’t imagine before.

Don’t get lost among the masses and keep repeating the same copycat cycle over and over. If u find yourself lacking in lyrical content or getting your own original sound, don’t hesitate, get yourself a good songwriter and keep developing your skills in the process. Even world class artists make use of songwriters. So why don’t you benefit from what successful artists are benefiting from already?

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