Flow Khid’s Newest Street Anthem “25 So No Dey” Soon To Spread Faster Than Covid-19

Flow Khid comes with the newest anthem on the streets of Bamenda 25 So No Dey soon to spread throughout the entire nation, fast. The song is an addictive Mboko track with a simple but catchy repetitive hook that will be hard to forget and that will escape your mouth before you’ve had time to think. 

Produced by Mbitchitagem, the Instrumentals drop hard with punchy kicks, melodious flutes, bells and rhodes. The flow is hard as would be expected of artists in this genre, content relatable, and the artist’s tone of voice will convince you to believe him when he says, “25 so no dey.”

The rapper also clearly borrows a few Jovi catch phrases (possibly paying homage to the Mboko rap pioneer), but Flow Khid however, is no doubt a Mboko rapper in his own right with a rap style that cuts through similar artists to set him apart from the crowd.

Get ready for the newest song you won’t be forgetting any time soon. If you think Covid-19 is infectious, wait till you listen to this new piece. 

Stream/free download 25 So No Dey, exclusively on Swiperr.

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