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June 9, 2020 Swiperr Artist Image and Artwork Guidelines

Swiperr Artist Image and Artwork Guidelines

Before uploading an artist image or song/album art, learn about image guidelines and supported file formats.

An artist image is a JPG or PNG file that’s displayed next to content on Swiperr. Images can be uploaded, updated, or deleted by anyone with Editor permissions on Swiperr.

Only upload photos you have legal authorization to share. Images that do not meet the guidelines, or do not meet our presentation standards, may be rejected or removed.

Artist Image Formatting Requirements


  • 2400 x 2400 or greater preferred.
  • 800 x 800 minimum

Do not upscale images

  • Resolution – 72 dpi
  • File Type – JPG or PNG

Things to Avoid

Make sure your image avoids these three common rejection issues: blurry or pixelated content, borders, and text.

1. No pixelation or low-resolution images.

2. No borders of any kind.

3. No typography or logos of any kind.

Additional Artist Image Guidelines

• No blurry, pixelated, mismatched, misaligned, or rotated images

• No advertisements for content (for example, “Includes DVD” or “Includes Lyrics”)

• No artist album cover art or artist logos

• No text, including artist names, roles, dates, instruments, or current and former bands

• No borders

• No attempt to up-sell a product. The image should be a representation of the artist.

• No misleading images (for example, depicting or referencing an artist not associated with the original artist)

• No URLs for websites that sell music or compete with Swiperr.

• No use of the terms “Swiperr,” “Swiperrmedia.”

• No pornography or website URLs that link to pornography

• No images or themes not legal or appropriate for all countries, or that encourage unlawful conduct, or are otherwise obscene, objectionable, or in poor taste.

Note: Images that do not meet the guidelines, or do not meet our presentation standards, may be removed. Only upload photos you have legal authorization to share.

Artwork Formatting Requirements

Your Artwork Must Be :

  • JPG, PNG, or GIF image file
  • Perfect square and at least 1600 x 1600 pixels, or maximum 3000 x 3000 pixels.
  • Best-quality RGB Color mode (including black and white images)
  • Resolution of at least 72 dpi (300 dpi is better)
  • Only include text stating the artist name and release title (exactly as it appears in the title you enter on Swiperr) or image only with no text
  • Images that you own the rights to distribute

Do NOT include :

  • Extra text outside of your release title and artist name
  • Mismatching text on artwork and artist name/title (i.e. if you’re uploading a single but your art says the album title where the single will later appear, this is a conflict. You must enter the single’s title or no title on the art).
  • Email addresses, URLs, or any other contact information or any pricing information
  • Stickers or other items from your artwork in case you are scanning it in from a physical CD – please remove them
  • Anything suggesting that your release is a physical or digital product, such as “CD,” “DVD,” “Digital Exclusive”
  • Cut off artwork (cut off text or images) or blurry artwork
  • Artwork that is compressed into one corner with the rest of the image having white space
  • Anything saying “Swiperr” or referencing a digital store name or logo
  • Any copyrighted images that you do not own the rights to distribute


If your artwork does not adhere to these requirements, this may result in our store rejecting your release.

June 3, 2020 Salah Kimmie’s Dream World; The Beautiful Piece of Music You Didn’t Know You’ve Been Missing

Salah Kimmie’s Dream World; The Beautiful Piece of Music You Didn’t Know You’ve Been Missing

It’s no wonder most of us already have a stereotypical image in our minds of what to expect when we hear the term “Cameroon Music.” Well, Dream World by Salah Kimmie will make you question everything you think you know. It will literally kick you in the balls if you thought Cameroon music isn’t more than just a mere echo of songs from neighboring countries.

An emotional roller coaster, Dream World, produced by Ralf Instrumentalz combines aspects of folk music, Afro Soul, and Contemporary R&B. The artist with vocals made of candy laments over the loss of a loved one, not actually believing he’s really dead and gone. It feels like she’s trapped in a dream and the singer wishes someone wakes her up. I guess what she didn’t count on was the fact that her music would leave her listeners in a dream world of their own. That they would feel her pain, but get lost in the beauty of her music giving them a bittersweet experience; bitter for her pain, sweet for the beauty of the song.

It is rare I must say, to find Cameroon songs that combine creativity, real life experiences, high level composition skills, amazing vocals and soul touching melodies. Salah Kimmie in her song Dream World combines all that to create a beautiful masterpiece. This is music I would totally recommend without blinking.

Stream/download Dream World:

Dream World

May 26, 2020 Flow Khid’s Newest Street Anthem “25 So No Dey” Soon To Spread Faster Than Covid-19

Flow Khid’s Newest Street Anthem “25 So No Dey” Soon To Spread Faster Than Covid-19

Flow Khid comes with the newest anthem on the streets of Bamenda 25 So No Dey soon to spread throughout the entire nation, fast. The song is an addictive Mboko track with a simple but catchy repetitive hook that will be hard to forget and that will escape your mouth before you’ve had time to think. 

Produced by Mbitchitagem, the Instrumentals drop hard with punchy kicks, melodious flutes, bells and rhodes. The flow is hard as would be expected of artists in this genre, content relatable, and the artist’s tone of voice will convince you to believe him when he says, “25 so no dey.”

The rapper also clearly borrows a few Jovi catch phrases (possibly paying homage to the Mboko rap pioneer), but Flow Khid however, is no doubt a Mboko rapper in his own right with a rap style that cuts through similar artists to set him apart from the crowd.

Get ready for the newest song you won’t be forgetting any time soon. If you think Covid-19 is infectious, wait till you listen to this new piece. 

Stream/free download 25 So No Dey, exclusively on Swiperr.

May 20, 2020 Eight Reasons Why Your Music Isn’t Selling

Eight Reasons Why Your Music Isn’t Selling

You’ve written and recorded your killer song/Ep/mixtape/album, done a cover art, and put it online somewhere. You’ve made announcements and told everyone you know your music is coming out. Release day comes, you are excited waiting to rock sales, but weeks later you’ve sold only three copies. Does this sound like something that has happened to you? Or maybe it’s still happening, and you’re even contemplating on quitting. Well, having music available for people to purchase is obviously very important to an indie artist’s income. However, you’ve probably noticed that just because you have it available doesn’t mean that people are flocking to buy it. So why isn’t your music selling? Well, we’ll go through some possible reasons. 

You haven’t made it easy for people to find it. Your music should be ‘above the fold’ on your website so that is easy to check out.

You’re productions are not up to par. This could mean a bad mix, bad mastering, vocals or instruments are out of tune or there is some other challenge. What good is writing great songs if the recording isn’t pleasant to listen to?

Your songs are weak. Only record the very best songs, regardless of whether you or someone else wrote them.

They don’t know you exist. You are not actively driving people to your music. Instead, you’re hoping that they somehow ‘discover you’.

Your website is either unprofessional looking or does not match or convey the kind of music you write and/or record, so visitors never even push the play button.

You are relying on services like ReverbNation, Facebook or MySpace to be your website. As wonderful as they are, they turn many people off quite quickly. If you look professional, people will assume you sound professional as well and they’ll give you a chance. The best way to accomplish this is with your own website and domain name. You can start with social media profiles, but make sure you get yourself a professional looking website.

You are not staying in touch with your fans, so they are forgetting about you. Be sure you are collecting email addresses and sending them an update at least once or twice a month.

The people you would expect to buy your music don’t use the services where you have it. You need to match your marketing and web presence with where your fans shop.

There may be any number of other reasons why people aren’t buying you music. But one thing is for certain – it will never happen unless people know where to find it, they realize it’s great quality and you make it easy to purchase! 
 We would love to hear your thoughts. Do you know other reasons why your music or that of other artists you know isn’t selling? Do comment them below.