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Swiperr Artists

We’re making it easy for your fans to tune in wherever you are and wherever they are.

Swiperr for Artists provides artists and their teams with audience stats and tools for promoting their music and managing their profile on Swiperr. You also become a verified artist, so your profile on Swiperr gets a verification check mark.

Music Community

Build your audience at any stage and learn from your fans. Get listeners into your new music and stay connected with your followers. Swiperr is the ultimate music community platform.

We continue to work tirelessly to build an enduring and valuable service. To provide the best music listening experience for the user with the highest quality music. It’s like having a dependable real life music store available for you every where you go. 

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Listening to music is completely free. There are tons of free as well as pay per download ⬇️ options. You can download ⬇️for free as well as purchase albums/Eps from artists you love straight into your device using Mtn Mobile Money and Express Union Mobile payment systems. Either way, you can:

  • Choose what you want to listen to with Browse and search. 
  • Get recommendations from personalized features, like playlists, and featured sections.
  • Build your own collection of music by hearting songs ❤️ thereby adding them to favorite.
  • See what friends, artists,and other users listen to by following them.
  • Create your own playlists. 
  • Share songs or content you like to your social media platforms.

Whether you make music, work at a label, manage an artist, or do it all yourself. Swiperr is the best way to bring it all together

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