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When you shop at Swiperrmedia, you’ll find the best and most unique music from all over the country by artists who set their own prices, control their own rights, and earn a higher percentage per sale than through any other national retailer. 

When you partner with Swiperrmedia to sell or otherwise monetize your own music, you’ll know you’re working with an artist-focused company created to open new revenue streams. 

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Our mission is to create the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music, and for fans to discover and enjoy it. Here, every artist is also open to a vast new audience, that will discover their music and eventually turn into fans. 

We continue to work tirelessly to build an enduring and valuable service. To provide the best music listening experience for the user with the highest quality music. It’s like having a dependable real life music store available for you every where you go. 

Here we offer a platform on which record label owners can actually scout for new talents to sign

We are a one stop shop where fans can get music from their favorite artists straight from the source, discover new amazing music from artists they won’t otherwise have experienced. 

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